who are we?

Safa Taiba Factory Company for the manufacture of glass and bathroom cabinets In 1428, the march of the Safa Taiba Glass Factory began, and it was the beginning, and its specialization focused on wholesale and retail trade and its accessories, so Safa Taiba was one of the largest companies in the world. specialized in glass in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Safa Taibah was keen to import from major international companies and factories, while choosing the finest items and the latest models that suit different tastes.

More than 16 years of experience made us one of the largest manufacturing companies in the Kingdom. We are established in the field Al-Sanaei is a huge and developed factory, and we have surpassed the borders of the Kingdom in the field of importing, to expand further.

  • Message

  • Improving the quality of life by providing distinctive products

  • Our Values

  • We work in Safa Taibah according to fixed values ​​that make your experience with us an integrated experience

  • Quality

  • We offer high quality products at competitive prices

  • The Interest

  • We care about the work environment and take care of our customersا

  • Development

  • We develop products and pay attention to the details of services

  • Vision

  • The first destination in the field of glass manufacturing, service and manufacturing in the Middle East

  • The Growth

  • We search, think, create, and expand

  • Commitment

  • We are committed to providing an integrated customer experience that satisfies his needs and meets his expectations

Why us?

  • We deal with major international companies and factories
  • We provide the best spare parts
  • The possibility of executing special requests according to the customer’s vision
  • We cover all regions of the Kingdom
  • A factory equipped with the latest equipment and supported by the highest levels of technology
  • Diversify our products in different sizes, sizes and colors
  • The materials used are of high quality and efficiency
  • Tempered glass with high strength and resistance, safe when broken
Our mission

Producing high-quality glass and providing high-end customer service through an integrated shopping experience and means of innovation with the hands of highly qualified human resources.